Creates a range from a specified formula. A range is a collection of areas; an area is a rectangular collection of cells. This method can be used to create a non-rectangular range containing multiple rectangular areas.

 public Range CreateRange(System.String rangeFormula)
Public Function CreateRange(ByVal rangeFormula As String) As Range

Formula representing the range, for example "=A1:G10". The formula must be two-dimensional, and can include cell references, and operators joining those references (range ':', intersection ' ', and union ','). Functions that return ranges cannot be used.

A Range object.

          Range rng = ws.CreateRange("=$B$12:$H$21 $F$18:$K$29");

          Dim rng As Range = ws.CreateRange("=$B$12:$H$21 $F$18:$K$29")