Sets or returns FitToPagesTall. This is set to "auto" by default. The valid range of values is 0 through 32767. A value of 0 means "auto".

(This is not supported for charts.)

 public int FitToPagesTall{ get; set; }
Public Property FitToPagesTall() As Integer

Note: The pair of properties FitToPagesWide and FitToPagesTall, and Zoom are mutually exclusive.

          //--- Get FitToPagesTall
          int pagesTall = ps.FitToPagesTall;

          //--- Set FitToPagesTell
          ps.FitToPagesTall = 2;

          '--- Get FitToPagesTall
          Dim pagesTall As Integer = ps.FitToPagesTall

          '--- Set FitPagesToTall
          ps.FitToPagesTall = 2