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Wiki Markup
{excerpt}A [CellValueType|Cell.CellValueType] value specifies the data type of the cell's value.{excerpt}
 public sealed class CellValueType : TypesafeEnum
Public NotInheritable Class CellValueType
		Inherits TypesafeEnum
|{anchor:Blank}Blank|The cell is empty.|
|{anchor:Boolean}Boolean|The cell contains a boolean value.|
|{anchor:Currency}Currency|The cell contains a currency value.|
|{anchor:Date}Date|The cell value is a date.|
|{anchor:Double}Double|The cell value is a double.|
|{anchor:Error}Error|The cell contains an error value.  Error values include \#DIV/0\!, \#N/A, \#NAME\?, \#NULL\!, \#NUM\!, \#REF\!, and \#VALUE\!.|
|{anchor:Integer}Integer|The cell value is an integer.|
|{anchor:Text}Text|The cell contains a string.|
|{anchor:Time}Time|The cell value is a time.|