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{excerpt}Saves the generated Word file on the server.
 public void Save(System.String outputFileName)
Public Sub Save(ByVal outputFileName As String)
{param:strFilePath}Specifies a complete path and file name for the generated file. WordWriter will save the file to this location. If a file with the same name exists, it will be overwritten by the new Word file.
{exception:ArgumentNullException}{{Save}} will throw this exception if {{null}} \(C\#\) or {{Nothing}} \(VB.NET\) is passed to the method.
{remarks}You can call [Save|WordTemplate.Save] more than once for a single instance of [WordTemplate]. This allows you to save more than one copy of a generated file and/or save the file on the server and stream it to the client.


          WordTemplate oWW = new WordTemplate();
          oWW.SetDataSource(arrValue, arrName);

          Dim oWW As New WordTemplate()
          oWW.SetDataSource(arrValue, arrName)