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{excerpt}Returns the exact version of WordWriter.{excerpt}
 public System.String Version{ get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Version() As String
{remarks}The format of the version string returned is:

            SoftArtisans.ProductName Major.Minor.Patch.Build
|| Place Holder || Description ||
| ProductName | A product name like "SoftArtisans.WordWriter." Note: the product name may be different depending on what license key is in effect. |
| Major | Major release number. |
| Minor | Minor release number. |
| Patch | Patch or bug fix number. |
| Build | Build number. |
| mmddyyyy | Date the build was compiled. |
| hhmmss | Time the build was compiled. |
| buildMachineId | Unique computer ID for the computer on which this product was compiled. |


          WordTemplate WordTempl = new WordTemplate();
          string Version = WordTempl.Version;
          string[] NamesArr = {"WordWriterVersion", "DateTime"};
          object[] ValuesArr = {Version, DateTime.Now};
          WordTempl.SetDataSource(ValuesArr, NamesArr);
          WordTempl.Save(Page.Response, "BasicGenerated.doc", false);

          Dim WordTempl As New WordTemplate()
          Dim Version As String = WordTempl.Version
          Dim NamesArr As String() = {"WordWriterVersion", "DateTime"}
          Dim ValuesArr As Object() = {Version, DateTime.Now}
          WordTempl.SetDataSource(ValuesArr, NamesArr)
          WordTempl.Save(Page.Response, "BasicGenerated.doc", False)