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{excerpt}Sets or returns an {{int}} that represents the x position of line numbers in twips. One twip = \(1/20 pt\) or \( 1/1440 in\){excerpt}
 public int LineNumberX{ get; set; }
Public Property LineNumberX() As Integer
{remarks}MS Word equivalent: File > Page Setup... > Layout tab > Preview section \(make sure Apply To: This Section is selected\) > Line Numbers... button > From text:


          //--- Return LineNumberX
          int lineNumberX = oSection.LineNumberX;

          //--- Set LineNumberX to .2 inches
          oSection.LineNumberX = 288;

          '--- Return LineNumberX
          Dim lineNumberX As Integer = oSection.LineNumberX

          '--- Set LineNumberX to .2 inches
          oSection.LineNumberX = 288