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When a user requests an Excel document, you can first check to see if there is new data. If there is, you can generate a new report and save it to disk. You can then stream that file to the user. We have a KB article which describes how to stream a file to the user that was previously saved to the disk with ExcelWriter.

Apply Styles to


Columns and Rows, not



Every time Cell.Style is accessed, ExcelWriter instantiates a separate Style object. To reduce file size bloating, we recommend using Global styles and setting styles on groups of cells. For details, see Effective Use of Styles

Applying a style to an Area also creates style objects for each individual cell in the Area.  However, if you apply a style to a column or row, there will be only one formatting record for the entire column or row, which is much more efficient.  Use ColumnProperties.Style or RowProperties.Style

Use InsertRows instead of InsertRow