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You can create an ExcelWriter template in Microsoft Excel or in script using the ExcelApplication object. Include data markers where you want to insert values. For example, if cell *B6* contains the data marker *%%=Orders.OrderID*, where Orders represents the Orders table in a database, ExcelWriter will import the *OrderID* column to column *B* in the spreadsheet.


TemplateSpreadsheet generated from the template

A data marker binds in script to a * data source * which may be an array, DataTable, DataSet, or DataReader, and may include modifiers. Data source and field numbers are 1-based. If ExcelWriter encounters *%%=#0[.field]* or *%%=[DataSource.]#0*, an error will occur.

In ExcelWriter versions before 3.1, data source and field numbers were 0-based.  If you upgraded from an earlier version, you may need to modify your code.


The following example generates a new spreadsheet from a template that contains two data markers: *%%=$RecipientName* and *%%=$RecipientCompany*. ExcelWriter sets the data sources for the template data markers to two simple string variables.