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Displaying Unicode Characters Where Client and Server are Running the Same Language


ExcelWriter can be used to generate Excel spreadsheets which contain Unicode characters.


 When the client and server are running the same language, to correctly display Unicode characters in an Excel spreadsheet, set the charset property in the script that will display the spreadsheet to either:


To correctly display a non-Latin alphabet string in your ExcelWriter generated spreadsheet where the server's language and the string language are different:

  1. Set the client-side HTML script's charset property to the string language's charset. For example, to set the charset to Hebrew, use:

    Code Block
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="content-type" CONTENT="text/html;charset=windows-1255">
  2. Use AnsiToUnicode to convert the string to Unicode. The following example gets a Hebrew string from an HTML form, converts the string to Unicode, and assign the string to cell E7:

    Code Block
    Set xlw = Server.CreateObject("Softartisans.ExcelWriter")
    HebrewString = xlw.ansitounicode(Request.Form("FirstName"), 1255)
    ws.cells("E7").value = HebrewString