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{excerpt}Sets or returns a [Style|Style] object that determines how the cell looks, including number format, font, orientation, etc. Accessing the cell's style through  [Cell.Style|Cell.Style] will not affect the formatting of other cells with the same global style.{excerpt}
 public Style Style{ get; set; }
Public Property Style() As Style
{remarks}When a style is set \- rather than applied \(see  [Cell.ApplyStyle|Cell.ApplyStyle(Style)]\) \-  all properties of the style will be assigned to the cell.  Properties not explicitly set on the new style default to Normal style values.


          //--- Get Style
          Style s = cellA1.Style;

          //--- Set Style
          cellA1.Style = s;

          '--- Get Style
          Dim s As Style = cellA1.Style

          '--- Set Style
          cellA1.Style = s