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SharePointIntegration is only available in WordWriter Enterprise Edition. (WordWriter Editions)

The SharePointIntegration class is to be used on a SharePoint server to use the WordTemplate, WordApplication, and Element objects with SharePoint. SharePointIntegration belongs to the SoftArtisans.OfficeWriter.WordWriter namespace and has the Microsoft.SharePoint class as a dependency. Additionally, the SharePointIntegration class belongs in a separate DLL, SoftArtisans.OfficeWriter.WordWriter.SharePointIntegration.dll, which must be added to the bin directory of your project.

SharePointIntegration is an abstract class which cannot directly be instantiated, but rather contains extension methods for the WordApplication, WordTemplate, and Element objects. Use SharePointIntegration extensions just as you would the other methods of each object, remembering to add references to the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace.