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titleTutorial Requirements:
  1. Reporting Services is installed on a server you can access, working properly, and you have rights to publish and view reports.
  2. The AdventureWorks data base (which is an optional component in the Reporting Services installation) is installed on the Reporting Services server.
  3. OfficeWriter is installed on the Report Server
  4. OfficeWriter Designer.NET is installed on your local PC

For more information on installing and configuring OfficeWriter Reporting Services Integration, see Installation or contact your System Administrator.


A sample RDL and Template file are available for download in the Samples section.

OfficeWriter Designer.NET Toolbar


Once the RDL file is opened in the Designer, there are two ways to design your report.

  1. Manually Add Fields to Your Report
  2. Import a Template 

Adding Fields to Your Report


  1. Click Import Template and browse to the file you want to import.
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  2. You will receive the following dialog box confirming the import:

  3. The sample report will look like the following when it is imported.

    Image Added

Publish and View Your Report


  1. Open a browser and go to the Reporting Services Report Manager (usually installed at http://<server address>/Reports). 

  2. Navigate to where you published your report. 

  3. Select the report. Reporting Sevices will display the report but only show you the data set. 

  4. From the export option drop-down, choose Excel designed by OfficeWriter

  5. When prompted, click Open . Excel will open and display your report the way you created it.


RDL: Excel-QuickStartRDL2008R2.rdl