Opens an existing Excel spreadsheet from a SharePoint Document Library.

public static Workbook Open(this ExcelApplication excelApplication, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPDocumentLibrary docLib, String fileName)
Public Shared Function Open(ByVal excelApplication As ExcelApplication, ByVal docLib As Microsoft.SharePoint.SPDocumentLibrary, ByVal fileName As String) As Workbook

The current ExcelApplication object which is opening the file

SharePoint Document Library that contains the Excel spreadsheet being opened

The name of the file to open. The file must be a BIFF8 format (Excel 97 or later) .xls or .xlt file.

A Workbook object representing the file opened.

If the file cannot be found or opened, or if ExcelWriter cannot parse the file as a BIFF8 file.

ExcelWriter supports Excel's BIFF8 (Excel 97 or later) format only. Do not use this method to open BIFF7 (Excel 95) files.

This is an extension method for the ExcelApplication object to be used for opening spreadsheets from SharePoint Document Libraries. To use this method, you must add a reference to SoftArtisans.OfficeWriter.ExcelWriter.SharePointIntegration.dll

          Workbook wb = xla.Open(myDocLib, "Report.xls");
Dim wb As Workbook = xla.Open(myDocLib, "Report.xls")