Sets or returns the name of the worksheet to which the data will be bound during an ExcelTemplate.BindData, ExcelTemplate.BindCellData, ExcelTemplate.BindColumnData, or ExcelTemplate.BindRowData method call.

 public System.String WorksheetName{ get; set; }
Public Property WorksheetName() As String

By specifying the worksheet name, you can import from different data sources for the same data marker in different worksheets within the same workbook. The default value for WorksheetName is null (Nothing in VB.NET), meaning that the data source will be applied to the data marker for the entire workbook.

WorksheetName is a Read/Write property.

          DataBindingProperties dbp = xlt.CreateDataBindingProperties();
          dbp.WorksheetName = "first worksheet";
          xlt.BindData(twodim, names, "TwoDimArray", dbp);
          xlt.Save(Page.Response, "output.xls", false);

          Dim dbp As DataBindingProperties = xlt.CreateDataBindingProperties()
          dbp.WorksheetName = "first worksheet"
          xlt.BindData(twodim, names, "TwoDimArray", dbp)
          xlt.Save(Page.Response, "output.xls", False)