What is SSRS Integration?

OfficeWriter Reporting Services is only available for OfficeWriter v11.

OfficeWriter Reporting Services Integration enhances Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services by allowing users to design and deliver their reports in native Word and Excel. Reporting Service Integration consists of two components:

The OfficeWriter Renderer

The OfficeWriter renderer runs on the Reporting Services server.

The renderer takes a template RDL file that was designed using the OfficeWriter Designer, and populates it with data supplied by Reporting Services.

 The OfficeWriter Designer

The OfficeWriter Designer is a toolbar add-in for Microsoft Excel and Word.

With the OfficeWriter Designer, you design a report in Word or Excel. Any formula, charts, or other advanced Office functionality will be present in the output file when the report is run.



Getting started with SSRS Integration


Creating Your First Report

Server Side Renderer Configuration

SSRS Integration for Excel



How to Create Excel Reports

The OfficeWriter Designer .NET for Excel

The OfficeWriter Designer for Excel



 SSRS Integration for Word



How to Create Word Reports

The OfficeWriter Designer .NET for Word

The OfficeWriter Designer for Word