Imports data from a SharePoint List to cells in the worksheet. The new data will overwrite values and formulas in the target worksheet cells, but existing formatting will be preserved.

public static Area ImportData(this Worksheet worksheet, Cell cell, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList list, DataImportProperties props)
Public Shared Function ImportData(ByVal worksheet As Worksheet, ByVal cell As Cell, ByVal list As Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList, ByVal props As DataImportProperties) As Area

The current Worksheet object which is calling ImportData

The cell at which to start entering the imported values.

SharePoint List to use as a data source for the Area starting at the given cell

A DataImportProperties object that contains a set of properties that will determine the behavior of the data import.

An Area object representing the set of cells populated with the imported values.

This is an extension method for the Worksheet object to be used for binding SharePoint data to spreadsheets from within SharePoint. To use this method, you must add a reference to SoftArtisans.OfficeWriter.ExcelWriter.SharePointIntegration.dll

Area importedArea = ws.ImportData(cell, myList, importProps);
Dim importedArea As Area = ws.ImportData(cell, myList, importProps)