Creates a DataBindingProperties object for assigning the property values associated with one or more data binding calls.

 public virtual DataBindingProperties CreateDataBindingProperties()
Public Overridable Function CreateDataBindingProperties() As DataBindingProperties

CreateDataBindingProperties will throw this exception if null (C#) or Nothing (VB.NET) is passed to the method.

A DataBindingProperties object is required for each data binding call, including these methods: BindData, BindCellData, BindColumnData, and BindRowData. Hence, CreateDataBindingProperties must be called at least once in any WordTemplate project that binds data to a template.

The same DataBindingProperties object can be used for multiple data binding method calls.

          //--- Create a DataBindingProperties object to be used
          //--- in a data binding call
          DataBindingProperties dbp = ExcelTemplate.CreateDataBindingProperties();
          dbp.MaxRows = 20;
          xlt.BindData(twodim, names, "TwoDimArray", dbp);
          xlt.Save(Page.Response, "output.xls", false);

          '--- Create a DataBindingProperties object to be used
          '--- multiple times in a project
          Dim dbp As DataBindingProperties = ExcelTemplate.CreateDataBindingProperties()
          dbp.MaxRows = 20
          xlt.BindData(twodim, names, "TwoDimArray", dbp)
          xlt.Save(Page.Response, "output.xls", False)