Writes a Document to a file.

 public void Save(Document doc, System.String fileName)
Public Sub Save(ByVal doc As Document, ByVal fileName As String)

The Document to save.

The full filename to save the Document to.

Thrown if there is an error saving the file.

The WordApplication.Preserve property is used to specify the way WordWriter will save the document. When the preserve property is set to true, WordWriter attempts to preserve all formatting and features that it doesn't directly support. This includes Fields, Footnotes, Hyperlinks, Comments, and Anchored Images. When the preserve property is false, only those features directly supported by WordWriter will be preserved. This includes all Tables, Lists, Headers and Footers.

          app.Preserve = true;
          app.Save(doc, "@C:\sample.doc");

          app.Preserve = True
          app.Save(doc, "C:\sample.doc")