Sets or returns an int that represents the indentation for the body of the entry, in twips.

 public int Indent{ get; set; }
Public Property Indent() As Integer

One twip = 1/20 pt = 1/1440 in. Indent is equivalent to Microsoft Word's "Text position" setting. WordWriter's default Indent value for the first list level is 0. By default, WordWriter increments the indentation of lower levels by 0.5''.

To change Word's "Text Position" setting:

  1. Highlight your list.
  2. Open the Format menu and select Bullets and Numbering.
  3. Select a list style and click Customize.

Indent is a read / write property.

          //--- Return Indent
          int indent = level.Indent;

          //--- Set Indent to 1 inch
          level.Indent = 1440;

          '--- Return Indent
          Dim indent As Integer = level.Indent

          '--- Set Indent to 1 inch
          level.Indent = 1440