This class is used to manipulate settings for a particular indent level. Things such as number and bullet text and indent change with each indent level in Word.

 public sealed class ListLevel
Public NotInheritable Class ListLevel

You cannot create a new ListLevel object using the new keyword. To get an instance of the ListLevel class, use the GetLevel() method of the List class, passing it the index of the level you want to retrieve.

To get an existing list entry, use the getEntry() method of the List class. getEntry accepts a parameter that represents the index of the entry to retrieve.

The following sample demonstrates how to get a ListLevel object for level 2 of a list.

          //--- Get the second level settings of a list
          WordApplication app = new WordApplication();
          Document doc = app.Open(@"C:\sample.doc");
          List lst = doc.Lists[0];
          ListEntry entry = lst.GetLevel(2);

          '--- Get the second level settings of a list
          Dim app As New WordApplication()
          Dim doc As Document = app.Open("C:\sample.doc")
          Dim lst As List = doc.Lists(0)
          Dim level As ListLevel = lst.GetLevel(2)