Returns or sets an int that represents the default spacing between a table's cells that has this formatting. This is the distance in twips between the edge of a cell and the center of its border with an adjacent cell. One twip = (1/20 pt) or (1/1440 in)

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 public int DefaultSpacing{ get; set; }
<p>Public Property DefaultSpacing() As Integer</p>

By default, this is set to zero (0) for a new table.

Word equivalent: Table menu > Table Properties... > Table tab > Options... button > Default cell spacing section > Allow spacing between cells

          //--- Return DefaultSpacing
          int defaultSpacing = oTableFormatting.DefaultSpacing;

          //--- Set DefaultSpacing to 1/2 inch
          oTableFormatting.DefaultSpacing = 720;

          '--- Return DefaultSpacing
          Dim defaultSpacing As Integer = oTableFormatting.DefaultSpacing

          '--- Set DefaultSpacing to 1/2 inch
          oTableFormatting.DefaultSpacing = 720