If you pass Save an object object, ExcelWriter will stream the generated file to the client.

 public virtual void Save(System.Web.HttpResponse response)
Public Overridable Sub Save(ByVal response As System.Web.HttpResponse)

A object, usually Page.Response.

Save will throw this exception if null (C#) or Nothing (VB.NET) is passed to the method.

If the user chooses to open (rather than save) the file, it will open in the browser window. ExcelWriter will set a default name for the file. To set a different file name and/or to open the file in Microsoft Excel, use the signature Save(HttpResponse,string,bool).

You can call Save more than once for a single instance of ExcelTemplate. This allows you to save more than one copy of a generated file, and/or both save the file on the server and stream it to the client.