Creates a named Range of cells from a specified formula. A Range is a collection of Area s; an Area area is a rectangular collection of cells.

 public Range CreateNamedRange(System.String rangeFormula, System.String rangeName)
Public Function CreateNamedRange(ByVal rangeFormula As String, ByVal rangeName As String) As Range

Formula representing the range, for example "=Sheet1!A1:G10". The formula must be three-dimensional (specify a sheet), and can include only sheet and cell references, and operators joining those references (range ':', intersection ' ', and union ','). Functions that return ranges cannot be used.

The name to assign to the range.

Range A Range object representing the range of cells created.

Note that if a range named rangeName already exists in the workbook, it will be overwritten with the new named range created by this method.

Range rng = wb.CreateNamedRange("=Sheet1!A1:G10", "Range1");
Dim rng As Range = wb.CreateNamedRange("=Sheet1!A1:G10", "Range1")