OfficeWriter for .NET



There are no client-side requirements to use OfficeWriter's .NET API, but you will need software to create template files and view output files generated by OfficeWriter. Any applications that support XLS, XLSX, XLSM, DOC, DOCX, and DOCM will suffice.
For example:

OfficeWriter for SSRS

Server Requirements (OfficeWriter renderer)

Client Requirements (OfficeWriter Designers)

OfficeWriter Designer .NET
Original OfficeWriter Designer

The service packs and security updates may not be installed automatically by Windows updates. Service packs are available for download from Microsoft's Service Pack Download Center. The security updates for each version of Office are available in the MS12-060 Security Bulletin.

The version of the OfficeWriter Designer should be the same version, or earlier, than the version of OfficeWriter on the server. Generally we recommend using the same version number for OfficeWriter for Reporting Services on the server and client.