Sets or returns an integer representing the position of the slide to which the data will be bound during a PowerPointTemplate.BindData method call. DataBindingProperties.Slide allows users to import different data values onto slides that use the same data markers. The slide is specified using the 0-based index of the slide within the presentation.

DataBindingProperties.Slide defaults to -1 which indicates that the data import is not scoped to a particular slide.

public Integer Slide{ get; set; }
Public Property Slide() As Integer

Slide is a Read/Write property.

          DataBindingProperties dbp = pptt.CreateDataBindingProperties();
          dbp.Slide = 1;
          pptt.BindData(valuesArray, colNamesArray, "DataSource", dbp);
          pptt.Save(Page.Response, "output.pptx", false);
          Dim dbp As DataBindingProperties = pptt.CreateDataBindingProperties()
          dbp.Slide = 1
          pptt.BindData(valuesArray, colNamesArray, "DataSource", dbp)
          pptt.Save(Page.Response, "output.pptx", False)