Sets a two-dimensional array of objects as a template data source

public void BindData(Object[][] arrayData, String[] columnNames, String dataSourceName, PowerPointWriter.DataBindingProperties bindingProperties)
Public Overridable Sub BindData(ByVal arrayData As Object()(), ByVal columnNames As String(), ByVal dataSourceName As String, ByVal bindingProperties As DataBindingProperties

A two dimensional array of objects to use as the data source. By default, the first dimension corresponds to row and the second to column. ex: Object[row,column]

The names of the columns to get from the data source.

The name of the data source.

A DataBindingProperties object.

            string[][] values = {
               new string[]{"Watertown", "MA", "02472"},
               new string[]{"Washington", "DC", "20500"}
            string[] colNames = {"City", "State", "Zip"};
            DataBindingProperties DataProps = pptt.CreateDataBindingProperties();

            ppt.BindData(values, colNames, "DataSource1", DataProps);
        Dim values()() As String = New String()() { _
               New String(){"Watertown", "MA", "02472"}, _
               New String(){"Washington", "DC", "20500"}, _
        Dim colNames = New String() {"City", "State", "Zip"}
        Dim DataProps As DataBindingProperties = pptt.CreateDataBindingProperties()

        pptt.BindData(values, colNames, "DataSource1", DataProps)