Creates and returns a CharacterRun at the end of this Element. The text to be inserted is specified as well as whether this should be a new character run or part of the previous one.

 public virtual CharacterRun InsertTextAfter(System.String text, boolean newRun)
Public Overridable Function InsertTextAfter(ByVal text As String, ByVal newRun As Boolean) As CharacterRun

A String representing the text to insert.

A boolean representing if this should have default formatting and become its own character run (true) or if it should assume the formatting of the first character in this Element, becoming a part of that first character run.

The CharacterRun containing the inserted text.

CharacterRun charRun = e.InsertTextAfter("Here is some text.", true);
Dim charRun As CharacterRun = e.InsertTextAfter("Here is some text.", True)