Passes a document from WordApplication to WordTemplate.

 public void Open(WordApplication aApp, Document aDoc)
Public Sub Open(ByVal aApp As WordApplication, ByVal aDoc As Document)

The instance of WordApplication that was used to create the document.

A Document object representing the Word file created with WordApplication.

You can use WordApplication to create a document with merge fields (a template) and pass the file to WordTemplate to populate the merge fields.

          WordApplication wwApp = new WordApplication();
          Document doc = wwApp.Create();
          WordTemplate wwTmpl = New WordTemplate();
          wwTmpl.Open(wwApp, doc);

          Dim wwApp As New WordApplication()
          Dim doc As Document = wwApp.Create()
          Dim wwTmpl As New WordTemplate()
          wwTmpl.Open(wwApp, doc)