Sets or returns the registered 23-character license key that enables WordWriter.

 public System.String LicenseKey{ get; set; }
Public Property LicenseKey() As String

The key contains information about WordWriter, including product name, platform, and version. Only the 23-character key is stored in the registry. To determine which licensed version is currently installed on the server, run LicenseManager.exe (in OfficeWriter\WordWriter) and enter the license key retrieved by the LicenseKey property.

          WordTemplate WordTempl = new WordTemplate();
          string key = WordTempl.LicenseKey;
          string[] NamesArr = {"LicenseKey", "DateTime"};
          object[] ValuesArr = {key, DateTime.Now};
          WordTempl.SetDataSource(ValuesArr, NamesArr);
          WordTempl.Save(Page.Response, "BasicGenerated.doc", false);

          Dim WordTempl As New WordTemplate()
          Dim key As String = WordTempl.LicenseKey
          Dim NamesArr As String() = {"LicenseKey", "DateTime"}
          Dim ValuesArr As Object() = {key, DateTime.Now}
          WordTempl.SetDataSource(ValuesArr, NamesArr)
          WordTempl.Save(Page.Response, "BasicGenerated.doc", False)