Sets or returns the maximum number of rows to be bound to each slide of template file when the PowerPointTemplate.BindData method is called. DataBindingProperties.MaxRowsPerSlide continues to import more rows of data as long as it can find a data marker with the 'continue' modifier.
DataBindingProperties.MaxRowsPerSlide is limited by the DataBindingProperties.MaxRowsToImport property.

 public int MaxRowsPerSlide{ get; set; }
Public Property MaxRowsPerSlide() As Integer

 MaxRows is a Read/Write property.

          DataBindingProperties dbp = pptt.CreateDataBindingProperties();
          dbp.MaxRowsPerSlide = 20;
          pptt.BindData(valuesArray, colNamesArray, "DataSource", dbp);
          pptt.Save(Page.Response, "output.pptx", false);
          Dim dbp As DataBindingProperties = pptt.CreateDataBindingProperties()
          dbp.MaxRowsPerSlide = 20
          pptt.BindData(valuesArray, colNamesArray, "DataSource", dbp)
          pptt.Save(Page.Response, "output.pptx", False)