Streams the PowerPointTemplate to the client.

	public void Save(System.Web.HttpResponse response)
Public Sub Save(ByRef response As System.Web.HttpResponse)

An HttpResponse to write the resulting PowerPoint file to.

Save will throw this exception if it does not have a PowerPoint document handle (Save cannot be called before Open).

If the user chooses to open rather than save the file, it will open in the browser window. PowerPointWriter will set a default name for the file. To set a different file name and/or open the file in Microsoft PowerPoint, use the signature Save(HttpResponse,String,Bool)

You can call Save more than once for a single instance of PowerPointTemplate. This allows you to save more than one copy of a generated file, and/or both save the file on the server and stream it to the client.

using (PowerPointTemplate ppt = new PowerPointTemplate())

 // where response is the HttpResponse for the current page