Saves a specified Presentation as a  OOXML format.pptx.

 public virtual void Save(Presentation presentation, System.String fileName)
Public Overridable Sub Save(ByVal presentation As Presentation, ByVal fileName As String)

A Presentation object representing the presentation to save.

Specifies a complete path and file name for the Presentation. PowerPointWriter will save the file to this location. If a file with the same name exists, it will be overwritten by the new PowerPoint file.

PowerPointApplication pptApp = new PowerPointApplication();
Presentation pres = pptApp.Create(PwoerPointApplication.FileFormat.Pptx);
Dim pptApp As New PowerPointApplication()
Dim pres As Presentation = pptApp.Create(PowerPointApplication.FileFormat.Pptx)
pptApp.Save(pres, "C:\Sales2003\June.pptx")