Sets or returns the name of the worksheet. Sheet names are limited to 255 characters and must not contain the following characters: \ / ? [ ] : '

public System.String Name{ get; set; }
Public Property Name() As String

If you change a worksheet's name, any formulas that reference that worksheet will also be updated to use the new name. For example, if you have a formula "=Sheet1!A1", and you change Sheet1's name to "NewName", the formula will be updated to "=NewName!A1". If the formula did not reference a sheet name before the name change, it will not be affected.

          //--- Get SheetName
          string sheetName = ws.Name;

          //--- Set SheetName
          ws.Name = "SheetOne";
          '--- Get SheetName
          Dim sheetName As String = ws.Name

          '--- Set SheetName
          ws.Name = "SheetOne"