Inserts a number of rows in the worksheet above the specified row.

 public void InsertRows(int rowNumber, int rowCount, RowInsertBehavior rowCellsCopyBehavior, RowInsertBehavior rowCopyBehavior)
Public Sub InsertRows(ByVal rowNumber As Integer, ByVal rowCount As Integer, ByVal rowCellsCopyBehavior As RowInsertBehavior, ByVal rowCopyBehavior As RowInsertBehavior)

The 0-based number of the row to insert.

The number of rows to insert.

The Style.RowInsertBehavior that defines the source style for each cell in the new row. Each cell in the new row will be given the style of its neighbor identified in this parameter.

The Style.RowInsertBehavior that defines how the default row style will be set for the new row. This style is cells before the 'rowCellsCopyBehavior', so the 'rowCellsCopyBehavior' can be used to override the row-wide style.


          ws.InsertRows(3, _
               100, _
               Style.InsertBehavior.CopyAreaFromBelow, _