Sets or returns the default row height in points (1/72 of an inch). This must be between 0 and 409.

public double StandardHeight{ get; set; }
Public Property StandardHeight() As Double
          //--- Get StandardHeight
          ws.StandardHeight = 35;

          //--- Set StandardHeight
          double rowHeight = ws.StandardHeight;
          '--- Get StandardHeight
          ws.StandardHeight = 35

          '--- Set StandardHeight
          Dim rowHeight As Double = ws.StandardHeight

The default value of this property in Excel 2003 and earlier is 12.75. In Excel 2007 and later, it is 15.

In general, the default StandardHeight depends on the workbook's normal font. If your workbook has a non-default font, the default StandardHeight will be slightly larger than the size of that font. The default font in Excel 2003 and earlier is 10pt Arial; in Excel 2007 and later it is 11pt Calibri.