Data markers have multiple switches and options that are available for use in ExcelTemplate workbooks.

ExcelTemplate Grouping and Nesting allows users to bind flat data to a specially formatted spreadsheet with the data being displayed in a grouped or nested format. To learn how to create a template for Grouping and Nesting, see our in-depth tutorai Using Grouping and Nesting with ExcelTemplate.

This sample requires OfficeWriter Enterprise Edition to be installed because the OfficeWriter Grouping and Nesting is only available in the Enterprise Edition of the product.


public class GroupingAndNesting
        /// <summary>
        /// Build the report with ExcelTemplate
        /// </summary>
        public void GenerateReport()
            //--- Create a new ExcelTemplate object and open a template file

            ExcelTemplate xlt = new ExcelTemplate();
            //Open the template

            //--- Fill the dataset with the data from the CSV file
            DataSet ds = GetCSVData(@"..\..\ExcelData\GroupingandNestingData.CSV");

            //--- Bind the data to the template file and save it.
            xlt.BindData(ds, "Data", xlt.CreateDataBindingProperties());

        //Parse the data from the CSV file
        System.Data.DataSet GetCSVData(string csvFileName)
            DataSet ds;
            using (GenericParserAdapter parser = new GenericParserAdapter(csvFileName))
                parser.ColumnDelimiter = ',';
                parser.FirstRowHasHeader = true;

                ds = parser.GetDataSet();
            return ds;