Sets a main document data source to a SharePoint List. If the specified List contains more than one row, WordWriter will use the first row as the data source.

public static void SetDataSource(this WordTemplate template, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList list)
Public Shared Sub SetDataSource(ByVal template As WordTemplate, ByVal list As Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList)

The current ExcelTemplate which is calling SetDataSource

A SharePoint List to use as the data source. WordWriter will use the first row of the List as the data source.

Save will throw this exception if null (C#) or Nothing (VB.NET) is passed to the method.

Each merge field in a WordWriter template must bind to a data source field/value pair. The number of merge fields in the template may not exceed the number of values in the data source. However, the number of values in the data source may be greater than the number of merge fields in the template.

Do not call this method more than once for a single instance of WordTemplate. To set multiple main document data sources, use the following methods:
SetDataSource(Object(), String(), String)
SetDataSource(System.Data.DataSet, String)
SetDataSource(System.Data.DataTable, String)
SetDataSource(System.Data.IDataReader, String)
SetDataSource(Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList, String)
SetDataSource(Microsoft.SharePoint.SPView, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPList, String)

This is an extension method for the WordTemplate object to be used for binding SharePoint data to applications from within SharePoint. To use this method, you must add a reference to SoftArtisans.OfficeWriter.WordWriter.SharePointIntegration.dll

          //--- Pass the SPList to SetDataSource.
          '--- Pass the SPList to SetDataSource.