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OfficeWriter for .NET Core brings some important changes to the functionality of its core products. Please review the following before continuing with installation.

  • OfficeWriter for .NET Core supports Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS.
  • Support for the legacy pre-Microsoft Office 2007 XLS file format is not supported for OfficeWriter .NET Core. Microsoft Office 2007 and later XLSX format is supported.
  • SSRS is not support for OfficeWriter .NET Core.
  • ExcelWriter.Imaging is not supported for .NET Core. This includes functionality like PDF rendering, images and shapes.

System Requirements 

System Requirements includes server and client requirements for OfficeWriter for .NET Core. 


Installation covers how to install, remove and add OfficeWriter for .NET Core.

Change Log

Change Log lists all the features and bug fixes made in minor version of OfficeWriter v12.

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