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Represents a hyperlink in an Area (which may contain only one cell) that points to an external URL.


To create a Hyperlink object, call Cell.CreateHyperlink or Area.CreateHyperlink. To get an existing Hyperlink, use Worksheet.Hyperlinks.

A Hyperlink only represents a URL to an external resource such as a web site. To create a link to another location in the workbook, you will need to use Excel's Hyperlink formula. You will need to surround the destination cell in quotes and preface it with a pound sign. For example, a cell with formula =HYPERLINK("#DestinationWorksheet!B3", "Link to B3") will contain the text "Link to B3", and if you click on that text it will bring you to cell B3 on the worksheet named DestinationWorksheet.





Returns the Area that the Hyperlink object is associated with. The set of cells that the Area object represents functions as a single hyperlink to the same href.


Sets or returns the URL that the hyperlink links to.


Sets or returns the hyperlink's displayed text.
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