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Sets or returns a range formula that determines the size of the bubbles in a bubble chart.

Bubble size is a way to illustrate a z-dimension on a chart. Every element in the series should have its own bubble that will be plotted on the graph. To give the bubble a numeric size, this method requires you to select a range of numeric values.

The output size of the bubbles will be a ratio between the smallest and largest bubble size values. For example, if the bubble sizes are 20, 20, and 20, all the bubbles will be the same size. However, if the values are 100, 2, and 1, the first bubble will be very large, the third extremely small, and the second two times as large as the third.



  • If this property is not set, then bubbles will have their default size of 0 and will not be visible. 
  • You will need to set this property in order for a new bubble series to have visible bubbles.
  • The range of cells referenced by this property should contain the values to use for the bubbles sizes. For example, if it points to the range A1:A4, then the first four bubbles in the series will have a size corresponding to the values in those four cells.
  • Returns null if the chart is not a bubble chart.
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