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Sets or returns the ChartType the series is displayed as.



Unless otherwise specified, all series created on a chart will inherit the ChartType of that chart.

Note that depending on the configuration of the rest of the chart, it may not be possible to set the ChartType of a series to any ChartType without error. For an overview of valid series configurations, see the remarks on the SeriesCollection class. If you need to change both the ChartType and the AxisType of a series at once in order to maintain a valid configuration, see the Series.ChangeConfiguration method.


The rules for what series can coexist on a chart are described under SeriesCollection. If these rules would be violated by changing the chart type to the specified value, an ArgumentException will be thrown. Depending on the current series that are in your chart, you may need to change the chart type to a different ChartType or remove some existing series before calling this method in order to ensure that the rules described in SeriesCollection are adhered to.
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