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ExcelApplication can open and modify an existing spreadsheet. The new spreadsheet can either be saved to disk (overwriting the original file or saved with a new name) or streamed to the browser. This allows you to use a preset format for similar spreadsheets, rather than recreate the format for each.

Alternatively, use an ExcelWriter template.

All features in the original workbook - including macros, charts, PivotTables, and VBA - will be preserved in the new workbook.

How to Modify an Existing Spreadsheet

To modify an existing spreadsheet:

  1. Create an instance of ExcelApplication:

  2. Open an Excel workbook from a file path or a System.IO.Stream:


  3. Return a Worksheet object:

  4. Modify the worksheet. For example, add a cell value:

  5. Save the modified file with a new name, or stream it to the client:


    For more information on save options, see Output Options.

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