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Each ExcelWriter Tutorial contains a step-by-step walthrough of how to implement one part of a report or document.

You can also download sets of the ExcelWriter tutorials (Hello World, Basic) as Visual Studio Solution files.

Hello World Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through assigning the contents of a cell using ExcelTemplate and ExcelApplication.

Basic Tutorials

  • Simple Expense SummaryThe Simple Expense Summary presents sales information for a group in AdventureWorks over a single fiscal year. This sample consists of three tutorials that demonstrate the basics of designing a report with ExcelTemplate. By the end of this sample you'll be able to create reports with data, formatting, formulas and charts with as few as five lines of code.
  • Extended Sales SummaryThe Extended Sales Summary presents some grouped sales information for a single fiscal quarter. This sample consists of two tutorials that present an introduction to the ExcelApplication object and how to use the ExcelApplication object in combination with ExcelTemplate. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a dynamic template with copied sheets and a coversheet.
  • Financial ReportThe Financial Report presents assets and losses divided by quarter. This tutorial consists of three parts that cover the use of data marker modifiers and template formats. The tutorial also covers using ExcelApplication to copy between two workbooks. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to format data markers and post-process on multiple workbooks.


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VB.NET Downloads





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