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Sets or returns the category value at which the value (y) axis crosses the category (x) axis, represented as DateTime



This property can be found in Excel under the "Axis Options" for the category axis. It corresponds to the "At date" choice under the "Vertical axis crosses:" section (or under "Horizontal Axis crosses" section for bar charts). This choice is replaced with "At category number" if the category axis is not a date axis. If this is the case, CategoryAxis.ValueCrossingPoint will be more appropriate.

New charts will have their axis crossing point set to "Between dates" and the value returned for this property is Dec 31st, 1899 (an illegal Excel date). If this property is set to any date, then the chart will have its crossing point manually set to that date and will no longer be automatic. Currently, there is no way to reset a chart to use an automatic axis crossing point.

If this property is set to any date before Jan 1st, 1900, the ValueCrossingPointAsDate will instead be set to Jan 1st, 1900.

If CategoryAxis.AxisCrossesMaxCategory is set to true, then this property will have no effect on the resulting file.

This property is directly tied to CategoryAxis.ValueCrossingPoint. The number of days this date passes Jan 1st, 1900 corresponds to the value of ValueCrossingPoint, plus one. So for example, if this property is set to Jan 16th, 1900, then ValueCrossingPoint will be set to 16.

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