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Returns the SeriesDataLabel object for the data point.


The SeriesDataLabel returned from this behaves like the label returned from Series.DataLabels except that it reflects the label for an individual point, and not for the entire series. This results in a few marked differences in behavior.

  • When the text for this label is set, it alters the displayed text for that points label. But altering the series' data label's text has no effect. Though all other font properties will still have an effect.
  • Altering the X and Y property on this label results in the individual data label being displaced by that amount from its default position. Altering the X and Y on a series' data label has no effect at this time.

Once this label is accessed, it will no longer be linked to the Series.DataLabels, meaning that any changes to the series data label will no longer alter this individual point's data label. The exception to this is the font properties. When the font properties on the series data labels are altered, the changes will propagate to the individual data point labels regardless of whether they're already instantiated or not.

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