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ExcelApplication supports all math, string, boolean, time, statistical, database, lookup and reference formulas or functions that are part of Excel. ExcelWriter does not calculate formulas at run-time; all formulas are calculated when the workbook is opened in Excel.

To insert a formula in a cell, use the propertyCell.Formula. Begin the formula string with =, as you would when entering a formula in Microsoft Excel:

ExcelWriter allows you to use values from a different sheet when assigning a formula to a cell, as in the following examples:

The property Cell.Name returns a cell's Excel-style name (e.g., "B5"). This property can be useful if you want to build a formula string using row and column indexes, rather than cell names, for example:


Here is an example that demonstrates how to use Formulas with ExcelApplication:

Code Sample

This sample shows many of the core features of ExcelApplication, including the use of formulas.

[C#] | [VB.NET]

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