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Each ExcelWriter code sample includes basic code that covers a specific scenario, along with necessary input files and a sample output file for comparison. These are intended to be quick examples of how to use the product. To learn how to use ExcelWriter, please see our Tutorials.

ExcelTemplate Samples

  • Arrays and Collections as Data SourcesUse a variety of .NET data types to populate ExcelTemplate including string[], ArrayList, and Hashtable.
  • Chart ReportAny chart that references a range with data markers will have its data source updated when ExcelTemplate imports rows of data. Make changes to a template without making any changes to code.
  • Data Binding PropertiesThe DataBindProperties object provides the means to change how data is imported using ExcelTemplate.
  • Data Marker OptionsData markers have multiple switches and options that are available for use in ExcelTemplate workbooks.
  • Hot Cell Sample - Excel Drill DownThis sample demonstrates an application of HotCell Technology that actively downloads reports from a web server based on selections made on a client-side Excel spreadsheet.
  • Hot Cell Sample - Excel Web form This demo downloads a workbook of employee information populated by ExcelTemplate. From within Excel, edit employee address information and update the server-side database.
  • Loan Calculator SpreadsheetBy using Excel's existing internal calculator, ExcelWriter allows you to make calculations in your report.
  • Sample Expense ReportThis sample uses ExcelTemplate to populate a generic expense report template.
  • String Data SourceVery simple sample that demonstrates how to use strings of data for an Excel report.
  • Template Grouping and NestingData markers have multiple switches and options that are available for use in ExcelTemplate workbooks.
  • XML Data ImportParse an XML file and put the data into arrays for use in an ExcelTemplate report.

ExcelApplication Samples

  • Basic StepsThis sample covers a wide range of basic ExcelApplication functionality. Excellent for getting started or brushing up on basic skills.
  • Basic Steps R1C1Same as Basic Steps except all the formulas and references are in R1C1 notation.
  • Application to Template SampleCreate a template file for ExcelTemplate using ExcelApplication to write in data markers.
  • Template to Application SamplePopulate a template with ExcelTemplate and then programmatically manipulate or 'post process' the workbook with ExcelApplication.
  • Multiple Chart ReportImport data to an existing template with multiple charts. Manipulate existing charts with ExcelApplication.
  • Scatter Chart ReportSee how to create Scatter Charts with ExcelApplication.
  • Two Axis Chart SampleCreate a chart with ExcelApplication that has two axes: primary axis and secondary axis.
  • Grouping and SubtotalsAdd Excel's grouping and outlining functionality to a workbook with ExcelWriter to display nested data.
  • Data ValidationDefine and apply data validation rules to cells with ExcelApplication.
  • Excel to DataTable SampleExtract Excel data into a DataTable
  • Sales Commission ReportAn example of a report created with ExcelWriter that compares previous year and year-to-date sales data for a sales team.






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