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Where to get the installer

There are several places to get the OWDesigner.Net-10.x.x.msi installer:

  • The latest version of the OfficeWriter Designer .NET installer is available for download on the OfficeWriter website.
  • Evaluation e-mail: Links to download the latest versions of all the OfficeWriter installers are available in the e-mail sent when an evaluation is started. Sign-ups for evaluations are online.

Running the installer

  1. Copy the OfficeWriter Designer .NET installer to the client machine.
  2. Check that your system meets the System Requirements.
  3. Close all Microsoft Office applications
  4. If there are previous versions of the OfficeWriter Designer .NET installed, make sure to uninstall the OfficeWriter Designer .NET through Programs and Features.
  5. Double-click OWDesigner.NET-10.x.x.msi to begin the Designer .NET installation.
  6. Read the end-user license agreement.

  7. Check off I accept the terms in the license agreement when finished and then click Install to install the OfficeWriter Designer .NET

  8. When the installer is finished, click Finish to exit the installer.

  9. Open Excel 2007 or later.


    When opening Excel for the first time after the OfficeWriter Designer .NET installation is completed, there may be a slight delay as Excel loads the Designer .NET add-in.

    If you have never installed a version of the OfficeWriter Designer .NET on your installation of Office, you may be prompted to add SoftArtisans as a trusted publisher. Add SoftArtisans as a trusted publisher to complete the installation.

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