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OfficeWriter 11.0.0


New Features

  • Ability to open, edit, and save .docx files with WordApplication


New Features

  • Ability to iterate through the tables on a slide and get the cells within a table
  • Ability to set the style on table cells within a slide, including background color and font
  • Ability to get the contents of table cells


New Features

All new features are implemented for XLSX/XLSM files only unless otherwise indicated.

  • Support for Unicode character encodings when rendering workbooks to PDF
  • Support for Print Titles when rendering workbooks to PDF

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for PrintAreas not taking effect when rendering to PDF in certain situations
  • Fix for issue where setting the style on a cell could affect the style on the entire column
  • Ability to correctly read and save files with conditional formats in pivot tables
  • Fix for reading and parsing of formulas using named ranges that point to other worksheets
  • Fix to support conditional formats that apply to multiple areas
  • Fix to correctly read and preserve Office 2013 chart types with certain types of data lables

Reporting Services Integration

New Features

  • Support for SQL Server Reporting Services 2016


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