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  • AlignmentEnum for aligning pictures within a slide.
  • DocumentPropertiesThe DocumentProperties object represents properties of a spreadsheet.
  • PictureA Picture object represents a picture in a slide and allows the position of the picture to be managed.
  • PicturesThe Pictures collection represents the set of pictures in a presentation. To return a Pictures collection, use Slide.Pictures.
  • PowerPointApplication PowerPointApplication is the main class for pure code-based presentation generation (for information about template-based presentation generation, see PowerPointTemplate). A single instance of PowerPointApplication can generate multiple workbooks.
  • PresentationA Presentation object represents a PowerPoint presentation. To return a Presentation object: Call PowerPointApplication.Open() to open an existing PowerPoint presentation.
  • SlideThe Slide class represents a single PowerPoint Slide.
  • SlidesThe Slides class represents the set of slides in a PowerPoint presentation. This object is used to manage (add, copy, remove, etc.) the slides in the presentation To return a Slides object, use Presentation.Slides.

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